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  • – Hourly Rate (Independent Artists) $65/hour (minimum 2 hours for new clients)
  • – Day Rate (Independent Artists) $550/day (10 hours) for local and independent artists/bands

Weekly rates, full-production EP and LP rates, and live-session packages available upon request.

Local and Independent Artists Specials

  • Recording $65/hour or $550 for a 10-hr day
  • mixing $65/hour or $550 for a 10-hr day (Remote live stream of mixing process available!)
  • Production Services $100 per song on top of the hourly or day rate.
  • Single Deal Recording and mixing $375 for a 3-5 minute song (not to exceed 7 hours. Additional editing and corrections at our hourly rate.)
  • Mixing-Only Single Deal $175 for a 3-5 minute song (maximum of 20 tracks per song, custom pricing for more tracks)
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  • Mastering $45 per song (digital or vinyl)
  • Rehearsal Space Rental $65/hour (min 2 hours) — Includes access to our 2500-square-foot live room and in-house PA system.
  • Mix Transfer to Tape $25 per song (discounts available for 6 or more songs) (discounts available for 6 or more songs)
  • Remote Use of Our Outboard Gear $25 per track
  • Remote Drum Tracks by a Professional Drummer $100 per song (plus a $35 initial session set-up fee)

Every project is unique, therefore our rates are determined on a per project basis. In order for us to help you create the best project possible we need as much detail as you can provide, including:

  • How many songs are in your project
  • What type of music you will be recording
  • The desired instrumentation
  • How much time you think you will need in the studio (hrs, days, weeks)
  • The dates you want to book your session
  • Your budget

Let us know how we can help you achieve your goals. We’re happy to make a custom recording package specifically for you!

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